A Case for Curriculum Mapping with P4R

Have you struggled with answering the questions what do students need to know and do they know it? Partners4Results provides an online application to get educators district-wide on the same page with high quality resources and common assessments tied to national standards to turn data into action. We partner with K-12 school districts to provide flexible solutions that adapt to your processes and requirements.

See how we were able to help a school district in suburban Chicago.

A large school district had a vision for a common curriculum map that can house all their units of study, standards, and resources. The district struggled with the accessibility of their curriculum documents and relied on teachers to find and identify their curriculum from district documents, identify their own resources to teach the curriculum, and then create their own assessments. This process was inefficient and took teachers away from teaching with planning and administrative tasks. Without common resources and assessments there was no analyze the effectiveness of the curriculum or to improve it. Furthermore, the district found it challenging to be able to show how all the grade level maps inter-relate to provide a clear plan to eliminate gaps or overlaps in curriculum from grade level to grade level.

In an effort to digitize their curriculum from paper documents to alleviate these pain points the district used Google documents. However, this was not successful because the curriculum was difficult to share, version control was challenge, and standards could not electronically be tied to assessments.

Partners4Results was approached to develop an easy-to-use curriculum map application with the following requirements:

  • Easily accessible for teachers
  • Ability to identify standards for each unit that tie to unit assessments
  • Inclusion of resources (documents, media, images) with direct streaming
  • Capability for teachers to provide feedback on curriculum
  • Creation of curriculum maps specific to different subject areas (ELA, math, STEM)

Partners4Results delivered a curriculum mapping module to meet all their requirements and expectations that was so simple to implement it required little to no training for their staff. Our base curriculum mapping module was extended to meet all the requirements. Partners4Results delivered the module populated with national standards. The district’s curriculum development team populated the module with their curriculum, resources, and assessments that they tied to the standards already existing in the module. Curriculum maps were created based on subject area and grade level. Maps could then be viewed as a subject area grouping by grade level on one screen for continuity in curriculum across grade levels in subjects.

By implementing the Partrners4Results curriculum mapping module, all teachers have access to a common curriculum map with weekly lessons and the resources needed to deliver these lessons through a web-based interface. The resources can be directly viewed and streamed from the curriculum map to eliminate the need to download any videos and media which can take hours depending on file size. There is also no need to send notifications when resources change because it is updated in real time and streamed directly from the curriculum map. Teachers can provide feedback on the curriculum map for continuous improvement via a feedback button. The feedback is emailed directly to the owner of the grade level/subject area map.

After implementation of the Partners4Results curriculum mapping module, the district has a curriculum map that provides week by week lesson plans with resources and assessments tied to national standards. Teacher capacity is freed up to do what they do best, teach. Professional Learning Communities meet and now discuss assessment results and the resources that were used to create best practices in areas students excelled and interventions and adjustments in areas where students did not meet expectations. This systematic approach gives educators the ability to turn their data into action for continuous improvement district-wide.